FAQs about Spanish Courses

Puc&n is about 700km/500miles south of Santiago

From Santiago Puc&n can easily be reached by bus or plane.  By plane it's 1.5 hours flight + 1 hour transfer. By bus it takes 11 hours.

  • There are several busses that go straight Santiago - Puc&n (most of them at night). The Chilean bus system is very comfortable, there are different classes, an example you can check at TUR Bus , one of the bigger companies.
  • We can make reservations for your bustickets.
  • The nearest airport from Pucon is Temuco, from Temuco airport you take a transfer straight to Pucon. There are 2 companies, LAN and SKY who fly Santiago – Temuco.
All our teachers have language relates university degrees and speak at least one second language - although the language spoken in class obviously is Spanish, in case necessary they could help in English. All teachers have a long time experience in teaching Spanish as foreign language to adults.
A good orientation of which progress you are likely to expect is the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR). In 1:1 classes we usually complete level A1 after one week; to master A2 you would need a second week of 1:1 classes. In group classes we finish level A1 after 2 weeks.
Your progress obviously depends a lot on your previous knowledge and conditions ,e.g. if you have prevoiously studied another language or if learning Spanish is your first experience with another language.
As our 1:1 courses are highly intensive, you could study as short as one week and will have a basic knowledge and understanding. You could check the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR) to know what you could expect. After one week of 1:1 classes you finished level A1, another week will let finish A2, two more weeks and you master B1.
  • You can make payments to our Chilean Bank account in USD and Chilean Pesos (CLP).
  • You can make payments to our German bank account in EUR and USD.
  • You could use Xoom for international payments. Especially from the US Xoom is a reliable and non expensive option.
  • We accept PayPal witha 5% surcharge. PayPal is only possible for downpayments (small sums)  because of PayPal's restrictions with Chilean bank accounts.
  • At the school we accept cash payments in USD and CLP.
Our prices are in Chilean Pesos wich convert to USD or EUR for your convenience. Therefore prices in USD/EUR on the webpage might change with mayor changes in exchange rates. Once you made your reservation your price quote in USD or EUR will not change anymore.
The price of the course varies wheather it's a one-to-one, one-to-two, or group course and with the intensity: 2, 3 or 4 hours per day. You can get a quick general idea at our RATES OVERVIEW page. Compare prices and take in accout that our classes have the full 60 minutes you will find our prices less expensive than all other mayor schools.